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Grieving Alone, Together: A Community’s Journey of Healing in Isolation

Portapique, a tiny rural community in Colchester County, Nova Scotia (NS), is the last place anyone would expect Canada’s deadliest mass shooting to take place – let alone during a global pandemic. But on 18 April, a gunman disguised as a police officer began a 12-hour killing spree, taking the lives of 22 people.
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Stories from my master's degree in International Journalism at City, University of London and my undergraduate minor in Journalism at University of King's College, Halifax, NS. 

Coping with an eating disorder during the coronavirus lockdown

The coronavirus lockdown has changed all our lives drastically. But for people with eating disorders, the loss of routine, panic buying at supermarkets, and the influx of home workout routines on social media can trigger disordered eating behaviours and potential relapses. And this week, a controversial BBC Two broadcast has sparked major criticism about the way food and exercise are represented in the media.