Russian teenagers dominate women's figure skating, but at what cost?

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Christmas: expert tips for managing stress during the holiday season

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for some, the festive season is also the most stressful. Complicated family dynamics, overwhelming to-do lists and financial concerns can put a damper on Christmas cheer. Stress can affect the body in a , including headaches, body aches, an inability to sleep, a weakened immune system and irritability. If the holiday season is bringing you more dread than joy, here are some tips for managing stress. One of the most common triggers

Around the World in London: A Neighborhood Guide

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world. But sticking to the city’s major tourist hotspots can mean missing out on some of the city’s best cuisine, local markets, and nightlife. Neighborhood-hopping is a great way to experience London’s multiculturalism. While some areas like Chinatown are obvious and easy to access, others require traveling further afield. These areas are often less touristy and offer more authentic representations of London life. Use this globally inspired neighborhood guide to travel the world within London.

Where to See the Best Christmas Lights in London

London truly lights up at Christmas. When the weather turns cold and grey, the capital’s colorful holiday displays keep spirits high — even as the sun begins to set at 4 p.m. In late November-early December, Londoners usually celebrate the switch-on of London’s first Christmas lights with huge firework displays, Christmas carols, and even celebrity appearances. These events and holiday markets might have been cancelled this year, but the Christmas lights are still shining.

Why Are People Jumping On the #MessyTikTok Trend?

Users are sharing their relationship drama on TikTok—at the risk of looking like "the other woman" (or man) It has been a particularly messy month on TikTok. Beyond privacy concerns and threats of a ban in the United States, TikTokers are exposing cheating partners via the #MessyTikTok hashtag, a viral social media trend that encourages users to get personal in a very public way. Set to an original sound from TikTok user @Kr0yalty, first posted on August 31, TikTokers sing along to the lyrics
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Opinion: We can offer shelter to Canadians with eating disorders from the pandemic’s perfect storm

A noxious diet culture has surged in recent months, from the influx of home workouts on social and mainstream media to constant jokes about gaining the “Quarantine 15." Being stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic isn’t just a battle against boredom – it’s become downright dangerous for so many Canadians.
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Opinion: Reality TV offers escapism, but at what cost to contestants’ mental health?

Netflix has struck reality TV gold with its latest hit, Love is Blind. On this dating show that makes relationships on The Bachelor seem conventional, strangers have the option to get engaged, but must do so within just 10 days – sight unseen. After “dating” from adjacent pods, contestants finally see each other face to face once they have popped the question. Four weeks later, couples walk down the aisle. “I dos” – and in some cases, “I don’ts” – are exchanged. When the show began streaming o
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