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Netflix's Elite is the perfect isolation binge—here's why

Published on 30th March 2020

These days, we all need a distraction: from the news, from our phones—usually buzzing to let us know that a long-lost friend has downloaded Houseparty—and from our own swirling thoughts. Elite is the ultimate distraction.

This Spanish-language drama follows a group of rich, obscenely hot students at Las Encinas, an elite private school in Spain.

Elite has everything a good teen drama needs: angst, sexual tension, brooding bad boys, mean girls with killer hair accessories, strict parents, love triangles, the occasional three-way—and, of course, a murder.

Credit: Netflix

For fans of Riverdale or Gossip Girl, Elite is a gift. Netflix recently dropped the series’ third season; but with only eight episodes per season, it’s an easy binge. And with social distancing in full effect, now is the ideal time to catch up.

In the first season, viewers meet Samuel, Nadia, and Christian—three working-class students that have been awarded scholarships to Las Encinas. Samu quickly falls for troubled rich-girl Marina, who is attracted to his brother, Nano; Nadia’s strict parents track her every move, and disapprove of her budding friendship with Marina’s popular brother, Guzmàn; and Christian, eager for his highly-connected classmates approval, draws close to the marchioness, Carla, and her boyfriend, Polo.


The drama is endless: there's fistfights and first times; disappearances and drug busts; investigations and incest (yup… it goes there). Elite would be fun in any language, but the fact it is in Spanish makes the show even better. Spanish is such a beautiful language to listen to. And, for non-Spanish speakers, watching Elite with subtitles is an excellent way to escape from reality.

In fact, watching shows with subtitles on is the best way to actually watch TV.

When we watch shows in English—especially shows we’ve seen before (looking at you, Friends)—Netflix becomes background noise. Our eyes easily gaze away from the screen and to the notifications and news alerts popping up on our phones.

Watching subtitled foreign series and films is the ultimate way to prevent this. Elite is a killer teen drama for so many reasons, but the biggest reason is that watching in subtitles forces one to actually pay attention—to read every line and care about every minute of the story.

Elite’s storylines are outrageous, but this show is wildly entertaining. Break away from Twitter or the BBC, and dive into the scandalous world of Las Encinas. Seriously: in the time of coronavirus, we’ve never needed a hot teen drama like Elite more.